Blackbelt - Advanced Troubleshooting the Windows OS by Sami Laiho

Sami's sessions have been awarded "Best in Show" in multiple worldwide conferences so he not only "knows his stuff" but can actually teach it in an effective and entertaining way. Get trained by the authority from the field.

Georganiseerd door Professionel Development Systems

Have you ever wondered if Windows Pagefile settings should be changed or how they actually work?

Have you ever wondered what the values in Task Manager actually mean – like Paged Pool, Working Set, Free memory etc?

Do you know how a file actually gets cached and finally written to the disk or how threads communicate with each other?

Have you ever wondered what Mutexes or Semaphores in Process Explorer really mean?

If you don’t know the answers, come and join this course as it will provide you with the answers and a lot more!

maandag 20 mei 09:00 t/m donderdag 23 mei 17:00
Centraal gelegen in Nederland
PDS offices, Parallelweg Oost 13a te Culemborg
€ 2799,-
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