Q&A: Optimize Remote Output and Print Management for SAP Systems

Join this Q&A led by panelists Goosen de Bruin, Managing Director at Solipsis, and Johan Harmsen, Software Architect at Holland House to learn about optimizing remote output and print management for SAP systems.

Georganiseerd door Solipsis - Holland House

Is your business looking into ways to improve management of document and report printing? Does it want to be able to view information on the location of print jobs? Can it efficiently manage printer configuration settings and print servers? And does your organization want to save printing costs and organize printing processes more efficiently?

Discover how to use the UniSpool solution for output and print management of documents and reports in a single task.

They’ll answer questions such as:

How can I effectively cut down the costs of our print management?
How can 180,000 print jobs be administered every day? How can I keep an eye on everything?
How does this solution compare against other spooling solutions?
How secure is it?
What communication type is used between a SAP system and UniSpool?
Do I need staff training for the solution?

donderdag 14 februari 04:00 - 05:00
Las Vegas
SAP Insider Event
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