Growing your Decision Making from BI and Analytics to AI

Barry Devlin bespreekt in één ochtendsessie de uitdagingen en potentiële voordelen van de overgang van BI en Analytics naar AI.

Georganiseerd door Adept Events

AI, combined with big data, IoT and automation, offer both the threat and the promise of revolutionising all aspects of IT, business and, indeed, society. In this half-day session, Dr Barry Devlin explores what will enable you to take full advantage of emerging AI technology in your decision-making environment. Starting from the familiar worlds of BI and analytics, we position traditional and emerging BI and analytics tools and techniques in the practical application of AI in the business world. Extrapolating from the rapid growth of AI and IoT in the consumer world, we see where and how it will drive business decision making and likely impact IT. Based on new models of decision making at the organisational and personal levels, we examine where to apply augmentation and automation in the roll-out of AI. Finally, we address the ethical, economic and social implications of widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.

vrijdag 2 juli 09:00 - 13:00
€ 297 early bird / € 330 regulier
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