Getting to the Essence

Alec Sharp beschrijft het verschil tussen "essentie" en "toeval" ("wat" versus "wie en hoe") en manieren om dit te gebruiken om een betere analist te worden.

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In his landmark article, “No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering,” Fred Brooks made the point that business analysis will always be challenging. Why? Because it’s relatively easy to describe the “who and how” of the current state – this person (who) does something using that tool (how,) then another person does something using another tool, and so on. What’s difficult – often very difficult – is figuring out what is actually being accomplished. Sometimes, our business clients and subject matter experts are so immersed in their job, and how they do it, they’ve literally lost sight of what is really being done. And that makes building a useful future state very difficult. That’s why the speaker has concluded a fundamental ability of great analysts and architects is separating the “what” from the “who, how, and why.”

Backed up by numerous real-life examples, this session will provide practical techniques and frameworks for dealing with a variety of business analysis challenges. After learning “The Three ‘Es” of getting to the essence – Entities, Events, and Essential Activities – key learning points include demonstrating how to:

Build the two essential models that are at the core of successful business analysis
Keep people from diving into unhelpful detail while analysing the “as-is” state
Make your use cases / user stories more useful, and avoid drifting into the
“useless case” zone
Ensure evaluation and selection of purchased solutions is focused on “what” must be provided

donderdag 16 september 13:30 - 17:00
€ 297 early bird / € 330 regulier
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