Webinar: Prevent your brain from getting hacked

Discover the go-to tips & tricks against phishing attacks during Tyneso's upcoming webinar "Prevent your brain from getting hacked". Protect your organisation from hackers and take your cybersecurity to the next level.

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Hackers do their utmost every day to extract confidential information, data or money from you or your employees. And to do this they like to exploit the weakest link, the human brain. Using social engineering, cybercriminals trick you into doing risky things without you even realizing it. So why hack through tough firewalls and antivirus systems, when humans are easy to convince?

Together with Phished, an AI-driven platform that focuses on the human side of cybersecurity, we want to protect you and your employees from the hazards of social engineering. Join our upcoming webinar and discover our strategy, the AI-driven simulations, the Phished Academy and so much more!

donderdag 17 juni 10:00 - 11:00
Microsoft Teams Event
+32 471 11 64 54

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