Profiting with Practical Supervised Machine Learning

Practical half day seminar on getting started with Supervised machine learning by Keith McCormick.

Georganiseerd door Adept Events

In this half-day seminar, Keith McCormick will overview the two most important and foundational techniques in supervised machine learning, and explain why 70-80% or more of everyday problems faced in established industries can be addressed with one particular machine learning strategy. The focus will be on highly practical techniques for maximizing your results whether you are brand new to predictive analytics or you’ve made some attempts but have been disappointed in the results so far. Veteran users of these techniques will also benefit because a comparison will be made between these traditional techniques and some features of newer techniques. We will explore that while tempting, the newer techniques are rarely the best fit except in a handful of niche application areas that many organizations will not face (at least not in the short term). Participants will leave with specific ideas to apply to their current and future projects.

dinsdag 15 maart 13:30 - 17:00
€ 252 early bird / € 280 regulier
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