Tackling Data Quality Problems

Deze workshop met Nigel Turner helpt u problemen met datakwaliteit en de impact daarvan in uw organisatie te identificeren en biedt een eenvoudige aanpak in vijf stappen om duurzame verbeteringen te realiseren.

Georganiseerd door Adept Events

In this half-day workshop Nigel Turner will answer a number of fundamental questions that need to be addressed to deliver fit for purpose data quality. These include:

Why should I care about data quality?
How do I know what my main data quality problems are?
What is the impact of these on my organisation and how can these be measured?
What problems should I seek to address first?
How can the problems be improved?
Who should be responsible for taking action?
How can I ensure that I prevent further data quality problems arising in the future as the volume, variety and velocity of data increases?
The workshop will help you answer these questions by taking you through a five step approach to identify, deliver and sustain data quality improvement. The five steps of Assess, Baseline, Converge, Develop & Evaluate (A2E) provide a simple framework and methodology to enable data quality to be tackled in a systematic and repeatable way. The session will also contain practical exercises to help participants apply A2E before doing it for real back in their own organisations.

donderdag 8 december 09:00 - 13:00
€ 252 early bird / € 280 regulier
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