Sander Hofman

Sander Hofman ing. is een expert van Computable voor de topics Cloud Computing, Internet en Security.

Sander has spent the majority of his career striving to understand how technology can help organizations. In the early years he started in the public sector, moving forward to consulting and start working internationally.

Outside of work Sander is addicted to Coffee, and is a weekend barista. He loves to spend time home with his wife and only son Oliver. He recently pick-up the idea to do a restoration of an old Renault 4 from 1987.

Before he accepted the Role as European Sales Engineer Mimecast, he was Technical Sales Office 365 team for Microsoft Netherlands.

Vakkennis Sander Hofman


Beveiliging, Informatieanalyse en Kantoorautomatisering.


Cloud Computing.

Computable Expert
Sander  Hofman

Sander Hofman ing.
Opleidingsniveau: HOBU
Carrièreniveau: Leidinggevend
Functie: European Sales Engineer
Werkzaam bij: MIMECAST
Bedrijfsgrootte: 1500-2500 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 100 t/m 249 personen
Branche: ICT – Cloud providers
Geeft leiding aan: 1 tot 10 personen