Victor van der Hulst

Jurylid Computable Awards 2020

Victor van der Hulst MSc is een expert van Computable voor de topics Management en Digital Innovation.

Working as Project manager responsible for the blockchain projects within the professorship Supply Chain Finance within Windesheim UAS. The projects aim to explore and improve data sharing challenges that SMEs are currently facing in their supply chains by bridging the gap between the information, finance and physical flows.

As consultant I combine 20 years of software development, team leadership and project management experience with a thorough understanding of innovation, leadership and information management. Colleagues and clients characterize me as communicative, results-driven, analytical and collaborative.

Computable Expert
Victor van der Hulst

Victor van der Hulst MSc
Opleidingsniveau: Universitair
Carrièreniveau: Senior Management
Functie: Programme manager Blockchain Living Lab
Werkzaam bij: Windesheim UAS | Lectoraat Supply Chain Finance
Bedrijfsgrootte: 11-25 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 250 t/m 499 personen
Branche: Transport/Opslag/Distributie
Geeft leiding aan: 10 tot 25 personen